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Are you in pain and want
to feel better?

The Muscle Injury Clinic offers convenient and affordable
solutions to all forms of muscular pain and sports injuries

Remedial & Sports Therapy
Ultrasound | Sports Taping | Cupping
Deep Tissue Massage
Myofascial Release Therapy

We offer affordable and
highly effective treatments

We offer certified sports massage and alternative therapies
for treatment of muscular injuries, sporting or otherwise.

Are you struggling with muscular pain or have a sports related injury? Our proven range of treatments can help you make a full recovery quickly and with long term results.

Muscle Injury Clinic with clinics in Motherwell and Falkirk, covers all of Lanarkshire, Glasgow and central Scotland offering first-class muscle injury rehabilitation and sports massage services. Get rid of the pain and get your life back.

Muscle Injury Clinic treatments are used specifically for the treatment of injuries to muscles, joints, ligaments or tendons. Muscle Injury Clinic aims to relieve pain from the area, rehabilitate the injury and to restore optimal function to that specific area so that the body can function at its optimum level.

Muscle Injury Clinic are instrumental in the treatment and rehabilitation of injuries. Their goal is to increase and return mobility to affected areas, help prevent injuries from repeating, develop treatment plans and use specific machines to help promote healing back into affected areas of the body.

Main Treatment Areas

All forms of Back Pain
Knee Injuries
Shoulder Problems
Sports Injuries
Work or Stress Related Pain or Tension
Complex or Chronic Pain

Hip and Groin Pain
Foot and Ankle Problems
Muscles, Joints, Nerves, Tendons
Neck Pain and Headaches
Elbow, Arm and Wrist Problems
Post-operative Rehabiliation

Don’t chase the pain, treat the cause.

“This is the mantra Muscle Injury Clinic is built upon and with this philosophy we have brought much needed pain relief, and injury rehabilitation to hundreds of patients.

I have developed a team of some of the best injury and sports therapists in Scotland who have a determination to succeed with every patient that visits either of our clinics, or now enjoys a visit from us with our mobile sports massage service.”

– Jason Clifford, Managing Director/Head Therapist

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