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About Jason

Jason Clifford is a highly experienced sport and remedial massage therapist specialising in all types of muscular injury.

Jason Clifford founded Muscle Injury Clinic with a strong belief in the benefits of massage therapy for all types of muscular injuries, especially those with sporting injuries.

As massage has been part of the family business his entire life, Jason has been able to see the benefits first-hand through his involvement, as well as his own personal experience. 

Jason has always had a sporting background, specifically 20 years involved in karate, competing at both national and international level with the Scotland Karate Squad as well as holding various coaching positions over the years. 

Like every sports person, he often had to contend with many sore, strained and pulled muscles. Massage and cupping therapy helped him to very quickly overcome these injuries and allowed him to continue training at the required level and intensity. 

In the last few years, Jason has qualified in massage therapy, cupping therapy, sports taping and magnet therapy. Using all of these techniques, Jason intends to always find the root of his client’s problems and ensure they recover from their injuries in the quickest time possible. 

If you have a sports related injury or other muscle related problem why not give Jason a call and see if he can help. Over the last few years Jason has helped many people overcome injury and enjoy a pain-free life. Call anytime on 01698 622410 or pop into the clinic in Glasgow Road, Wishaw.

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