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Massage Therapy

Jason has taken me through the 5 stages of man!
From barely being able to walk, and stand up.
He has got me upright, and looking the world
straight in the eye again."
Jim Neeson via

Sports Massage Therapy: a highly effective way to help your recover and heal from muscular injury

The Muscle Injury Clinic has a great track record of helping people overcome painful muscular injuries whether sports related or not.

Each sport and athletic event uses muscle groups in a different way. Massage therapists must be familiar with each muscle, the muscle groups and how they are affected by the specific movements and stresses of each sport.

With massage therapy, Muscle Injury Clinic is able to treat patients to help them recover from exercise, stimulate recovery from injuries or simply relieve the day-to-day stress and tension that exacerbates injury. Massage is currently the most common approach used for Muscle Injury Clinic’s conditioning programs.

“Jason found the root of the problem and after his treatment plan I was gradually able to go back to running and playing tennis injury free. I would highly recommend him.”

The Benefits of Sports Massage Therapy

Improve Flexibility – Massage can help in improving your posture and flexibility, which is essential for sports and activity, as well as being a great benefit later in life.

Aid Recovery – The exertions of sport often result long-term muscular pain that can become a hindrance to your further training and daily life. Whether you have an injury or simply sore muscles from your training, massage therapy is a great way of relieving pain and aiding in your recovery through increasing bloodflow and helping loosen and relax muscles.

Relieve Stress – Stress is one of the many contributing factors that weaken your immune system, making it harder to avoid or recover from illnesses and even injury. Regular massage can help relax you, lowering stress levels and keeping your mind and body happy.

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