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Myofascial Release

My 70yr old mum has been attending Jason for
6 sessions, when she started she really struggled
walking and was very shaky on her feet, she is now
walking much easier on her own with so much
confidence it's really changed her life (her words)
so I would certainly recommend it."
Tracey Ann Boyle via

Myofascial Release Therapy: an extremely effective treatment for soft tissues and fascia tension

When combined with a range of other forms of massage, Myofascial Release is the most effective form of manual therapy treatment.

Fascia, in terms of anatomy, refers to a connective tissue that surrounds and protects all tendons, muscles, bones, ligaments and organs in the body.

It is especially vital in mobility and stability of joints. Myofascial release therapy involves the gentle massage of these tissues in areas of pain in the body to allow gradual release of tension and restriction.

While less intense than some other forms of massage, myofascial release therapy is more targeted towards the parts of the body that can sometimes experience the most pain and damage from the stresses and strains of sport and exercise.

Myofascial release therapy offers the most effective form of manual therapy treatment

At Muscle Injury Clinic, myofascial release is used in conjunction with other forms of massage to provide the most effective all-round muscle treatment possible for clients.

The effects of this allow sportspeople of all backgrounds and ages to not only recover quickly in areas of high pain and stiffness, but also have these areas become stronger and more flexible as a result.

Although ideal for the treatment of chromic and acute injuries, Myofascial release therapy is great for general wellbeing and pain relief, the improvement of circulation and the digestive system and even helps with allergies, emotional health and improved sleeping patterns.

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