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Performance Therapy

After suffering back pain for far too long I was
put in touch with Jason. Cannot praise him enough!
Feel amazing, no back pain at all!"
Linda McStay via

Performance Therapy: treatment plans that are tailored to your own training requirements

The Muscle Injury Clinic can design a structured programme to help your recovery and boost your strength and flexibility.

As a high-performing sportsperson or somebody who exercises regularly, Muscle Injury Clinic’s services can be an excellent way to improve muscle flexibility, quickly recover from hard training and relieve stress.

In your first consultation, Jason will identify the root of your injury, setting out a treatment plan that uses the kinds of physical therapy most suitable for your specific issue.

Throughout the sessions that follow, these therapies and methods will be used to treat and rehabilitate injury in order to restore you to your optimal level of comfort, flexibility and strength. In addition, Jason will also outline various stretching and conditioning exercises to be done in your own time between sessions, helping to speed up recovery and compliment the effects of the muscle therapy.

As well as aiding in treatment of injury, the therapeutic services on offer at Muscle Injury Clinic are also appropriate for those simply wanting to recover quicker from training and keep their bodies functioning at their best for competition.

Sports taping, cupping and massage are all excellent ways of speeding up muscle recovery and stimulating bloodflow in areas of frequent strain.

Additionally, the relaxing effects of Muscle Injury Clinic’s services can be a great way to relieve the stress and pressure often associated with performance sport.

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