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Sports Taping

Jason is a miracle worker!
I thought no one could help the pain I was in
and after just a couple of sessions, I'm back to my
usual self - only better! Thanks so much."
Louise Smith via

Sports Taping: a highly effective way to manage pain, injury prevention and rehabilitation

Careful application of tape can protect injured soft tissue structures, ligaments and tendons, reducing pain and risk of further injury.

Sports Taping is used with the intent of treating pain and disability from athletic injuries and a variety of other physical disorders.

Research suggests that elastic taping helps relieve pain and provides support to joints and muscles. While many professional athletes use this as a way of providing extra support while exercising or competing, it is also a vital way of recovering from joint, tendon and muscle injury.

Suitable for sporting and non-sporting injuries

At Muscle Injury Clinic, clients are able to be treated with sports taping that targets and supports specific muscle groups. For runners or ball sport players, taping around the calves, ankles or knees is used to provide extra joint support as well as spreading the load of impact between leg muscles.

Using sports taping in the shoulder allows martial artists, throwers and hitters the extra support they need to keep mobility and strength in their upper body.

Sports taping is extremely effective way to manage injury

Jason is able to use effective methods of taping for whatever muscle group or joint is in most need, working as a therapy that continues even after you leave the clinic. If you’re a high-level athlete with a heavy workload of training and competition, or even just looking to take on your next big fun run, sports taping from Muscle Injury Clinic could be vital in your recovery, injury prevention and performance.

Client view on Sports Taping

“Sports Taping gives me the total support and confidence I require for the race.”

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