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Testimonials: what real Muscle Injury Clinic clients say about the range of services we offer

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The below comments are real and can be viewed at our office. We offer a highly effective range of services that are affordable and really do help, with clients often reporting remarkable improvements in their wellbeing after only a few sessions. 

Muscle Injury Clinic Client Comments

“I ran this year’s 2015 Great Scottish run half marathon, however that was only made possible after my treatments from Jason. During my training, my hamstrings and calves became so painful that I had to stop training for the event. I contacted Jason who began a treatment plan and advised on stretching exercises- which made a massive difference. I can highly recommend Jason and will continue to use him on an ongoing basis.”
John Hamilton

“I went to see Jason after sustaining an injury whilst out running. This injury had stopped me from playing tennis, generally keeping fit, and it had even caused me to walk with an obvious limp. Jason found the root of the problem and after his treatment plan, I was gradually able to go back to running and playing tennis injury free. I would highly recommend him.”
Scott Reid

“I had a problem with pain in my Achilles tendon, and after one visit to Jason the pain had eased. Turns out the problem was with my calf and a couple of sessions later I was pain free! I have recommended Jason to friends who have also had great results.”
Stevie McAnaw

“I have been training hard for about 3 years, and during this time I had picked up a nasty neck injury. It wasn’t just my neck that was hurting, but I was also suffering from severe shoulder, tricep, bicep, thumb and forefinger pain. I couldn’t sleep or even brush my teeth with my right hand. Before attending Jason I had also been to 4 other professionals- a chiropractor, acupuncturist and 2 physios with no luck. I saw Jason for 4 sessions in which he used a variety of techniques including ‘Cupping Therapy’ on my back, neck and shoulder. I am now training harder and heavier than ever, and have no problem putting Jason’s name forward when I hear of anyone with an injury.”
Martin Tougher

“Highly recommended. After suffering from back pain for months, I had a significant improvement after my first session. My muscle imbalance was identified and fixed quickly through a variety of techniques and stretches. Feel great now. Brilliant service.”
Fraser McPherson

“I suffer from really tight muscles, which can be unpleasant at times- giving me back and calf pain. Nothing was really helping… that is until I met Jason. He is really fab at what he does and not only that, he provides service with a smile. I would 100% recommend him to anyone.”
Arlene Crockett

“Jason is a fantastic therapist, he works with you to get to the root of the pain and look for the best option to help recovery. Would highly recommend him.”
Sharon Taylor

“I’ve been going to Jason for some time now and I can certainly say he works wonders. From working with you from your first session to get to the root of your problem to the last session is certainly 10/10. With my job I suffer from a very bad back and without a doubt Jason fixes the problem every time. Keep up the good work and I’ll certainly be back in the future.”
Mark Edment

“I’ve been to a dozen therapists and Jason is by far the best! The only guy that seems to have “fixed” my shoulder injury! When I first started seeing Jason I could hardly even do a press up due to the pain in my shoulder but after regular visits I’m back feeling normal and lifting heavy again; consistently. I now go see him once a week or fortnightly for check-ups and a stretch if needed!”
Kirsten Hardie

“What a difference the ultra sound therapy and physio has made in such a short time to my daughter’s ankle injury. That’s her back to training and is feeling great, thanks again for all your help.”
Joyce Menzies

“Although my son Aidan is only 14, he has picked up a lot of serious injuries over the past 3 years which had left him with severe hip & groin pain that restricted him from taking part in football & other sports activity. We had tried many different physios however none of them were able to get to the root of the pain, it tended to be a short term 1-2 day fix & then the pain would come back again! Then we tried Jason & what a difference he has made. He is the only therapist who has been able to diagnose the root cause of the pain & after regular sessions with Jason I am so happy to say that Aidan is injury & pain free for the first time in 3 years. Aidan is now back playing football & training 5 times per week, injury free. I honestly didn’t expect it to happen so quickly & I’m over the moon with the progress he has made & it’s all down to Jason. He is by far the best therapist we have been to & the only person who has actually been able to fix Aidan’s injury. Jason, massive thanks from Aidan & I. Outstanding results.”
Mark Quinn

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