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Ultrasound Therapy

Jason has given me my life back, for the first
time in year I'm pain free. Xx."
Lavina Grierson via

Therapeutic Ultrasound Therapy can be used on both chronic and acute muscle, tendon and ligament conditions

Ultrasound Therapy uses high frequency sound waves to perform a ‘micro-massage’deep inside injured tissue to speed up healing.

Therapeutic ultrasound is the process of using ultrasonic waves to treat injury to muscles, tendons and ligaments.

Ultrasound therapy achieves this by firstly speeding up the healing process in the targeted area due to increased blood flow. The stimulation of therapeutic ultrasound also reduces swelling, which in turn can reduce pain in an area. Thirdly, muscle tendons and ligaments in the treated area are gently massaged by the vibration, softening scar tissue and enhancing repair effects of cells in the area.

There is both a physical stimulation resulting from ultrasound therapy and a thermal one, due to the effects of the ultrasonic waves being absorbed by tissue.

Therapeutic Ultrasound helps speed up the healing process

Muscle Injury Clinic use therapeutic ultrasound to treat injuries with a lot of swelling and inflammation, helping gently massage the treated area without strain being put on the muscles. In combination with other therapies, patients will start to see immediate benefits as well as long-term changes to the recovery of their injury or strain.

Client view on Therapeutic Ultrasound Therapy

“What a difference the ultrasound therapy has made in such a short time to my daughter’s ankle injury. That’s her back to training and feeling great. Thanks again for all your help.”


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